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the light chaser has found something new to aim for..

Eric has shown me kewl stuff since we share a common hobby.. camera films.. and polaroids! and before i wana get another sx70 from him.. it seem that someone from new york has been relentlessly trying to bring back an era of polaroids which got into bankruptcy some time back.. and it seems now.. as soon as 25th of March 2010.. Polaroid is coming back with a bang bigger and ever with a superb film company namely Ilford! they produce the best black n white films around despite the price hike from a merely Rm5 buck for a 36exp roll for a 125asa to almost Rm20 nowadays.. it's great to know now you can reload back your polaroid 600 and sx70's and start shooting with an instant result of just a few minutes.. no negatives.. and pure spontaneous fun for a squared picture! =)

im here for discoveries.. the best way of photography is to go all the way back in history and slowly translate back to the new digital discoveries.. you treasure the whole world much more this way round..

KJ photos.. signing out!

what if bombs are converted into food?

well.. if that ever happen.. i want to be the first one to see that.. from the government and military of course.. as of Sunday 2010.. i shall try something new with this.. =) i've heard of them for a long time but never knew what it's in detailed.. thanks to Davina and her buddies.. i want to be in this now.. i shall help whenever i have the time to..

Food not Bombs is technically a worldwide move by various people from all over places around the world.. and respectively they all have their own people going around.. it doesnt matter where.. to get food.. from samaritans or from market.. and technically donate them to these volunteers to gather up a whole bunch of food.. and not waste them! =) it's like how i always.. always tell my friends whenever im eating with them..
to not waste food.. 'think about the children of africa' as silly as i may sound.. it's a practical statement that each and every bit of rice we waste.. it's an opportunity for a person to live in africa or some starving countries.. as a "starving artist" myself i can feel that too.. i always clean my plate to the brink of well.. shine.. u know like the washing dish commercials.. zap it and u can hear only the squeak coming out from the plate only.. haha!

i remember there's few times i actually went and bought some food for some beggars beside the street.. they were really really pity.. there are genuinely needed help and there are those probably fakes ones.. but who are we to judge when help is really needed? i'll give them food.. some of them will actually decline you but there are some that'll genuinely want the food.. a thank you from them is priceless to me.. but if there's none.. it's still awesome u know? =)

so yesh!
FOOD NOT BOMBS! Kuala Lumpur edition.. =)
please do check them out.. =) as they would need your help.. DONATE FOOD! any form of food.. Spam preferably.. =P let them have some share of pork.. =P thou it's not really environmental friendly.. LoL =P

and their facebook..
FOOD NOT BOMB! Facebook.. KL edition

btw i dont do money charity as well.. if i want to do charity.. it's always my right to do this.. be in it.. and buy needs instead of giving money.. money is always a symbol of greed and a form of evil one way or another.. so therefore i shall make my stand by being in the charity than just to give money..
the point of that.. you'll learn.. even much more.. and see how much you've impacted someone's life..

shed a light today..

original recipe

being yourself isnt easy sometimes..
it takes courage to stand on land.. it felt better to be on land than to float and fly.. you wont have the uncertainty of falling.. it might be awfully sad.. or awfully disregarded.. by doing so..

im glad.. how things were.. how things revolved around.. how serenity cast it's peace and how serendipity was stumbled upon..

im glad.. u're glad..

genuinely me..

i might be starving.. but i hope to leave this world happy someday.. leaving my trail of light behind.. to let this light flows a stream of hope..


get to think about it.. hmm.. being a photographer myself.. i dont think i've ever seriously framed a picture.. i've clicked and prolly have taken thousands of moments and perhaps most of them framed up in my mind.. but i've yet to frame a picture that i actually wanted to do so for the longest longest time ever!

but recently i've set my mind that i wanted to do so.. and the 1st thing that i really wanted to framed up.. is my own family portrait.. my parents, my brother.. and closest cousins and uncles that lived around me.. they have been a lot to me.. despite a lot that has been through.. there are a lot of instances that probably made harsh choices to say something or to make something happen in this family of ours.. but whatever we see in the end still comes back to one thing.. being close to each other.. each stand that i made before this is for a reason.. and the reason is to let me fall.. because i want to pick myself up again.. what it's to life if we dont fall right?

but recent fall came upon most probably my worst chinese new year that i have to go through this year..
2010.. i still remember that mango tree back in the old house..
where i used to be stung by bees and bitten by ants.. haha.. hyperactive is the only word that can describe me..
it's where i learned to cycle on a bike on two wheels too! and the 1st time i held up a yoyo standing on the sofa because i was that small! haha but i managed to pull it up! =) the moment of learning curve was epic.. especially the bike scene where i remember to cycle from 4 wheels to 3 wheels within a compound of less than 40metres. and finally.. i remember when i got to 2 wheels.. with that puny red little bike of mine.. i graduate and gotten the license of learning how to cycle with 2 wheels..
i can see joy not only from me.. but my relatives.. and my family too..
im the eldest child and the 1st one from my immediate family.. pretty much pampered a lot last time.. but grew to quite a bit now.. quite a rough ride that i decided to take myself here as well.. i remember that 1st photo of me having my 1st BIG number 1 birthday cake! and that unforgettable photo with granny.. that until now.. after so many years.. she hasnt change much.. and the coolest thing of all.. she still riding her motorcycle! hah! take that! =)

but recently..
we just found out she is actually suffering from lung cancer..

"Dear lord, today i stand by here.. as i kneel down on my knees.. praying to you.. that you'll shine hope for my grandma as everybody here loves her as much as you love her.. i pray for her health to improve as i really do love her.. i pray here for you dear lord to accept her as she have just accepted you as her saviour and dear lord.. that i entrust with good faith and leaving her to your good hands.. amen.."

Chase a "Light"?

   Yesh! a new blog of mine.. The author of the infamous emo blog previously haha.. has decided to abandon that name of his and have a blog not so much of his own branding aka thisiskj.. yet that's still valid on his photography and further-on more than that..

Why chase a light?
Simple.. Light is practically my source of 'light', 'ideas', 'inspirations', 'idea', 'source-of-photography' or a million more things. =) the end. period.. LoL =P

i guess that's all for 1st post.. Don't want to blabber till next morning like how i would always do.. =P

signing out,