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Merdeka! Freedom to "talk" =P

and definitely freedom to actually make calls without leaving a scar in your wallet and eat mamak store for the next 15 days! This is quite an awesome opportunity to actually make those calls that you ever wanted.. i think radio channel should actually start using these rates to make international prank calls as well.. haha..
hmm.. thinking bout it *lightbulb* im going to prank my best friend that has now left for aussie.. haha.. wait.. i can prank a few more other friends as well! which are now scattered around the world! haha
I shall find ways to record it down as well!

Anyway.. from 1st till 15th August! please chuck your handphones aside.. go out.. and get some of theseee.. pretty darn sick with "some-blue-coloured-logo" handphone prepaid advertorial sms-es that state if you use Rm20 today then you'll get an extra of Rm1-2 call credit.. what nonsense!

available almost virtually everywhere la.. in ur nearest kedai runcit might have it too! because this stuffs had been around for ages!

reigniting my iTalk usage now.. haven't been using it! hahaha since they're having their 'big-sale' now! =P

check out the rates! even skype have to look out for this unbelievable offer..

come on.. 7 cents? cipoodah.. one piece of sweet also can't buy la..

You should know what to do.. it's easy peasy!

Clicko on this link oh!