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The Planet Earth..

EARTHLINGS! happy Earth day! =)

what are you contributing for earth day today? seriously.. from many years ago.. i've been a fan of "you should at least take some responsibility for the earth you're stepping on"

so therefore.. it's been me and earth.. and people around me..
i've prompted my family to start doing recycling! then from there.. they start to separate waste to recycle.. =) then later on they did a lot themselves.. like finding alternatives for washing liquid.. try stop bottle usage.. then go on using glass bottles.. plant more plants and trees! enzyme usage! =)

it's the good habit that encourage us to have a healthy lifestyle..

a head's up for

Earth day.org facebook page!

Earthday.org link here!

oh oh oh! make sure to check out
Ikano's Earth day celebration and booth there as well! a head's up here for Eco Knights for their endless efforts for our mother earth! =) please do go there and check out the whole event! EVEN THE STAGE IS USING RECYCLE MATERIALS! haha stacks of crates there! awesomeeee! meet really cool people there.. seriously! =)

it's until 25th of April so please do go ikano power centre aka IKEA for more info! =)
here's Eco Knight's Link

come on.. be environmental friendly just a lil bit more.. it soothe down ur heart by doing so as well.. =) try it.. you'll never know how much u'll help.. =)

let my light shed to you guyz as well.. =) HuGz Earth.. like a quote taken off from a friend of mine.. im a tree hugger..

it's just merely a day.. but do you look closely at the land you're actually stepping on?

walks around the cityyy

tired sial.. all those walks around the city.. tiring but exciting! and i love dodgy places and take pictures.. places where not a lot of people would bump by.. =) the more creepier it's.. the better.. ngeik ngeik ngeik.. it's almost the end of the month and i need to get myself prepared to travel around.. that time.. i cant find time to really go around anymore..

im gona be joining a new project.. and im anticipating ideas.. hmm.. i got a month to play around.. hmm.. thinkin think.. Theme : Gardens

mostly urban thou! =)

yours truly,

Cheap talk.. i mean.. TALK Cheap

talking is cheap right? well.. technically communication is cheap.. when you do it face to face.. DuHHH! who would want to pay TO TALK! well.. when you're away from where-ever you're physically.. telepathic communication is only limited to 1% of the world population if that ever exist too.. LoL =P that time all will be free..

too bad we're living in reality huh.. stop DREAMING KJ! (insert bollywood punching sound effect here)

but i've recently found something next to being free! and pay less for communicating.. the problem is that it's not a ready-to-go mobile provider but something similar to that.. but if you want to juxtapose this service to a mobile service.. and if you talks like 8 hours to someone like how i did one time from dusk till dawn.. seriously.. i did that once.. LoL =P and this service technically had been around for AGES! but then again.. not a lot of people knew about it.. apart from what i can see the major buyers are the ones that want to call oversea line.. it's definitely the cheapest option around to call and talk like NOBODY!

lemme reveal to you this.. *drum rolls?*

it's called the iTalk..
but this time around.. it's called to be spread with million and one things.. basically an online platform that you can practically excess almost everywhere..
send sms-es online! (this is uber cool because when u need to send an sms from overseas.. u know it aint cheap rite? do it the i-talk way then!)
since i'm going to singapore i'll be fully utilizing this function like MAD! MUAHAHAHAHA!
and i'm one of the lucky ones that got Rm5 FREE CREDIT! so go grab ur Rm5 bucks now!

so yesh.. go and check it out.. and get your initial Rm5 FREE CREDIT from iTalk

for the meanwhile.. lemme see seeeeeeeeeeeeee what i can do more with iTalk implementation with your phone.. apparently.. a LOT more.. for instants..
junking a few emails into one platform..
have twitter, facebook, msn, yahoo, my space, gmail, almost all messengers into iTalk!


and aha.. up next is the launch of the event yesterday at Sunway's Borneo Rainforest..